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2020-01-11 15:32:33


2018澳门赌场排级别,CDF之声 |美国UL总裁兼首席执行官伟廉仕:期待中国进一步激励、鼓舞和吸引千禧青年

第二十届中国发展高层论坛将于3月23-25日举行。本届论坛增设了“CDF之声”栏目,向国内公众和国际社会传递论坛与会代表的观点和心声。今天发声的是美国UL总裁兼首席执行官伟廉仕(Keith Williams)。




UL总裁兼首席执行官伟廉仕(Keith Williams)认为,从规模发展到向质量转型将确保中国可持续增长并对全球经济产生积极影响。



大家好,我是UL的总裁兼首席执行官 Keith Williams。















Hello I’m Keith Williams, I’m the President and Chief Executive Officer of UL.  

UL is a company that is celebrating its 125th anniversary promoting safe living and working environments for people around the world through standards testing, inspection, certification and safety research.  

In China we have been working for about 40 years.  

We started first with factory inspection of products that were being made in China and then sent to the US, and then developed our own testing inspection laboratories around the country.  

And most of business, as I say, is supporting exports. In fact we’ve often said in the past that a UL Mark on a product was essentially a visa for a Chinese product entering into the American market and later into European and other markets as well.

My own experience in China goes back to the early 1990s when I first came to China in 1991  I encountered a country that was really just emerging economically.  

When I moved to China in 1993, I experienced very personally the growth in China, the development of the economy, and when I left in 1996 to come back to America, I left a country that had already changed dramatically from when I came in 1993.  

Over the years what I observed about China is a radical evolution of this country. Of course it’s been a large economic transformation.

China is now the second largest economy in the world. It has been a rapid transformation in infrastructure, in fact some of the best infrastructures that the world has to offer today.

What I’ve really seen though was a transformation of the people. People who have become much more globally connected, people who are much more optimistic about their future, people who are innovating and creating great value across every field of human endeavor.  

And as I look to the future and what do I expect from China?  

I expect that China will be a leader in the world in all the things that motivate, inspire and engage millennial and young people today.  That is an inspiration toward creating a better world, to doing well by doing good, to creating better environmental conditions for the world, to create more global connection and more peaceful coexistence and to create innovation.  That’s what I expect from China, that’s what we’re seeing already happening, and that’s what I believe that over the last 20 years the China Development Forum has made a major contribution to creating.

It’s a real joy for me to be here at this meeting every year.  

It’s a great pleasure for me to congratulate the China Development Forum on its 20th Anniversary, its 20th birthday and I really look forward to seeing what will come from CDF in the next 20 years.